Quality Assurance

The Systemic Society promotes systemic thinking and acting in counselling, (psycho-)therapy, supervision, coaching, organisational consultancy and development, political consultancy, education, pastoral care and nursing as well as all those areas in which communication and problem solving processes are professionally designed and developed.

Quality Standards for Member Institutes and Accredited Members

A first measure of quality assurance is an extensive inspection of the further training institute that is interested in membership. An institute wanting to become a member of the Systemic Society must fulfil the strict entry requirements in order to be approved for membership by resolution of the general assembly, in most cases first for probationary membership, then, at least one year later, for full membership.

The member institutes of the Systemic Society offer further training programmes that comply with Systemic Society guidelines. In our extensive events database such further training programmes can be found.

Those who have completed these further training programmes can apply for accreditation by the Systemic Society.

Based on its guidelines the Systemic Society currently awards certificates of accreditation for the completion of systemic training programmes and systemic further training programmes in Systemic Therapy, Counselling, Supervision, Coaching as well as Child and Adolescent Therapy.

Those teaching at the further training institutes also need their own accreditation according to Systemic Society guidelines in order to be able to conduct a further training course.

Accreditation Committees

The Systemic Society has set up an accreditation committee for each individual area of further training. The committee members are elected by the general assembly. It is their task to check whether the requirements for accreditation are fulfilled in each individual case and to issue the certificates of accreditation.

Development of Professional Standards

In comprehensive discussions the Systemic Society has achieved an agreement on fundamental quality standards, which has been documented in various position papers and further training guidelines.

Complaints Management

Professional complaints management is another part of quality assurance. In addition to the board, who are generally responsible for this task, the Systemic Society has established two further organisational forms: the “place for tricky cases” and the Ethics Committee.