Systemic Society

The Systemic Society is a registered society of professionals comprising several professions. In this association people and institutions teamed up aiming at furthering family therapy and family counselling as well as systemic thinking and working. The Systemic Society was founded in 1993 and aggregates 49 institutional members and about 4.000 natural members (increasing). Its headquarter is located in Berlin.

The members of the Systemic Society are psychologists, social workers, social educationalists, medical doctors as well as members of other psychosocial professions e.g. teachers. The members have special qualifications for systemic work. Furthermore institutions belong to the association that are bound to systemic thinking – among them several institutions offering training in systemic thinking and work.




A lot of the members have been recognised as “Family Therapists”, in addition there are recognitions as “Systemic Counsellor”, “Systemic Supervisor”, “Systemic Coach”, “Systemic Organization Developer”
or as “Systemic Teachers”.

The Systemic Society promotes systemic research, theory and practise. The aims of the Statutes are achieved by promoting systemic research in theory and practise through journalistic, financial and organisational support with the respective research projects, performing publically accessible scientific conferences on subjects such as systemic theory and practise and speedy publication of research results and practical evaluations.

Moreover we support the website “Systemisch Forschen” (in cooperation with the German Association for Systemic Therapy and Family Therapy = Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie und Familientherapie – DGSF) and a virtual community in which more than 3.000 systemic working colleagues are registered.